Introduction to Treasury Webinar Series

Are you, or do you know someone who would like to learn more about Corporate Treasury?

This Webinar Series will inform and educate the broader community about some of the functions of Corporate Treasury.

Session 1: Cashflows and Budgeting (Accountants vs Treasurers)

Session 2: Basics of Forecasting (Risk/Return)

Session 3: General overview of the effects on Coronavirus in the financial markets

Session 4: Challenges in KYC for Treasury Teams

Session 5: About Treasury Management Systems

Want to learn more?

In partnership with Macquarie Business School, we are pleased to offer the Certificate in Corporate Treasury, designed to equip you to successfully operate in a modern corporate treasury.

Targeted at professionals in the operational stages of their treasury career, this program equips you with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and terminology relevant for corporate treasury, and their practical application.

This program will enable you progress your treasury career and become a trusted treasury advisor in your organisation. These programs will also be essential training for bankers, accountants and consultants who advise or deal with corporate treasury.

More: Certificate of Corporate Treasury

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Get a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and terminology relevant for corporate treasury, and their practical application.