ACTA and The 100% Project – Championing Gender Equality

June 2022

Australia has once again slipped backwards on the Global Gender Gap Index, with the World Economic Forum ranking Australia at number 50 out of 156 countries.

In 2006, Australia was ranked 15th on the gender equality index and in 2022 dropped six places, a reflection of the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women in Australia.

ACTA proudly partners with The 100% Project who champion gender equality by producing research that informs and influences conversations, beliefs, policies, and practices. Their latest research, entitled “Breaking Dad” looks at the impact that shared parental leave policies have on gender equality and the overwhelming evidence of the positive social, economic and business impact where organisations offer extended parental leave to both parents AND importantly both parents take it. However, despite the increasing number of organisations offering extended shared parental leave, men are still reluctant to take it for fear of the impact it may have on their career and reputation due to the lack of psychological safety in their workplace. This prevents their female partner returning to work sooner thus minimising the disruption to her career and income via loss of salary and superannuation. It also stops fathers being involved in caring for their child in the critical first few years, something which many of them regret.

Visit The 100% Project website to listen to podcasts of dads who have taken extended parental leave and share how it has benefited them as fathers and leaders.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about this research or would like to partner or volunteer with The 100% Project, visit their website.

We look forward to sharing more research in future newsletters.

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