Webinar: Optimising Bank and Payment Connectivity: How Treasury and Finance Leaders Can Drive Financial Success

Webinar: The Year that was; the Year Ahead

Commonwealth Bank’s Chief Economist, Stephen Halmarick reflects on 2022 and discuss the key themes for the global and Australian economies and markets in 2023. He will focus on the expected pivot in central bank monetary policy and inflation, as well as the implications for Australian consumers, corporates and investors.



Stephen Halmarick – Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


ACTA Economic Update – 7th Feb 2023


Webinar: Carbon Trading

The current situation of the Australian carbon markets, the significance of the Safe Guard Mechanism and voluntary emissions reduction programmes, as well as the growth of the global carbon markets will all be covered, taking into account significant factors that influence market performance, the buying and selling of credits, and impending announcements that may have an impact on market direction.


  • Nadine Mueller – Executive Director Commodities at Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Luke Donovan – Executive Director, Power & Environmental Markets, Carbon Business at Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Webinar: Turning Economic Insight Into Action

In a first of its kind joint debrief about their personal approach to creating actionable insights.

From sourcing lead indicators, analysing data source validity, distilling insight into actionable outcomes, considering realistic constraints, requesting support in complex scenarios and how to engagingly communicate with stakeholders.


  • Paul Bloxham – Chief Economist, Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities at HSBC
  • Shaun Bond – Frank Finn Professor of Finance at The University of Queensland


Webinar: Growth in a productivity slump

Join us for a briefing on supply-side trends and strategies that will shape the high cost, low productivity environment over the next 12 months, delivered by Sam MacPherson, Head of Treasury at Earlytrade.


  • A new cost of business, and growth
  •  Skills crisis bottlenecking supply chains
  • Accessing the growing pool of ESG capital getting more competitive

Sam will draw on data and analysis from the Earlytrade Supply Chain Scorecard FY22, which tracks 1.6 million invoices worth $10 billion in B2B trade.


  • Sam MacPherson – Head of Treasury, Earlytrade