Webinar: Post Pandemic Treasury Transformation

We hear from Kyriba about post pandemic treasury transformation.


  • Bob Stark – Global Head of Market Strategy, Kyriba


Webinar: Certificate in Corporate Treasury

In this webinar we take a look into the Certificate in Corporate Treasury, as you are shown around the platform, get the latest feedback on the Certificate, and hear about:

  • Why you need to learn?
  • What you can expect?
  • What is in it for your employer?

This is an open webinar, and we encourage employers to invite their teams to attend, plus those looking at what to do for their Certified Professional Development (CPD); and those who are interested in a career in Treasury. 


Click here to learn more about the Certificate in Corporate Treasury 



  • Lindesay Brine – Director Postgraduate Applied Finance, Macquarie Business School



Webinar: The value of digitisation for corporate funding, liquidity and financial risk

We recently had the opportunity to hear from Tim Hogben – ASX Group Executive, Securities and Payments on the value of digitisation for corporate funding, liquidity and financial risk during at our NSW Chapter Networking event. Following the presentation, Tim Hogben was joined by Rodolf Salem Chief Operating Officer at Lygon, and Lindesay Brine – Chair of the ACTA’s Technical Committee for a conversation on how digitisation is integral in driving the future of data integrity and privacy.  The opportunities for smart contracts and self-enforcing business logic in a multi-party applications is being tested. For example, the technology of digital ledger technology (DLT) can utilise dormant assets in the cycle and give certainty to those lending.  Rules can be built into smart contracts and entitlements regarding stock, to create an important risk barrier and risk mitigant.

Below is a recording of the session, additionally an article published by the ASX.

Read here: ASX Article: Succeeding in the ‘brave new world’ of digitalised finance


Tim Hogben – Group Executive, Securities and Payments, ASX

Rodolf Salem – Chief Operating Officer, Lygon

Lindesay Brine – Chair Technical Committee, ACTA


Webinar: Commonwealth Bank Global Economic Overview

We invite you to join us for our upcoming Webinar: Commonwealth Bank Global Economic Overview .

Joseph Capurso, Head of International Economics at the Commonwealth Bank, will provide an update on the global economy, inflation, monetary policy and subsequent impacts on the Aussie dollar and Australian economy.


  • Joseph Capurso – Head of International Economics, Global Economic & Markets Research, Commonwealth Bank

Joseph Capurso is currently the Head of International Economics, Global Economic & Markets Research (GEMR) at the Commonwealth Bank. Joseph has been analysing and forecasting economies and financial markets for over twenty years. Joseph’s team forecasts the major economies, their central banks’ policy stance and the major currency pairs.

The GEMR team produce a number of economic publications. These include short research notes on economic and market developments, presentation packs, longer thought leadership pieces on key structural issues, and regular reports on key countries and regions of the global economy.


Webinar: The impact of real-time payments

NPPA to provide an:

  • Update to NPP
  • Where are we now
  • Use cases
  • General overview of the real time payments platform

 ANZ presentation focus themed “NPP for Corporate’s”

1)     What are we seeing?

a.     The journey – ANZ Institutional’s NPP development focus

b.     What have we seen in the Corporate market – why have more Corporate’s leaned into NPP? Some real-life case studies…..

2)     Looking forward

a.       What’s on the horizon, and what’s in it for Corporate’s?

  i. The ANZ view

ii.The Industry focus (PayTo)


  • Michael Jurkovic – Executive Director, Payments Development Institutional, ANZ
  • Katrina Stuart – Acting CEO, NPP Australia


Webinar: Australasian Annual Loan Markets Update

Covering off the below topics:

  • Quick canter through 2021-22
  • State of the Credit Markets and drivers for heavy deal flow
  • Evolution of the institutional/direct lending market and cov-lite loans and unitranches
  • Impact of Geopolitical tensions
  • Increasing interest rate environment
  • Continuing development of  the green and sustainability-linked loans


  • Yuen-Yee Cho, Partner, Banking & Finance – King & Wood Mallesons
  • Tim Bates, Executive Director, Loan Syndicate – Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner – Metrics Credit Partners


  • Amit Mehta, QLD Chapter Chair – Australian Corporate Treasury Association


CBA ACTA Loan Market Update


Webinar: ESGaaS: Incentivise supplier reporting and performance

So, you’ve set your ESG targets?

From net zero emissions to modern slavery eradication and board diversity, corporate functions are coming together to figure out how they deliver important corporate ESG targets. But what role can Treasury play?

Earlytrade’s revolutionary ESG-linked early payments solution, recently shortlisted by The Australian Financial Review as a Financial Services Sustainability Leader, offers an answer for Scope 3 and supply chain compliance and performance.

Join Sam MacPherson, Head of Treasury at Earlytrade, as he previews Earlytrade’s new ESGaaS product exclusively for the Australian Corporate Treasury Association.


  • Sam MacPherson – Head of Treasury, Earlytrade


Webinar: Failed payments, fraud and bank portals: solving treasury hassles with bank APIs

The fallout when a critical payment goes missing.  The pit in your stomach when you’ve discovered a fraud event. The headache of all those tokens to access your bank portals. These are challenges that every treasury team faces on an almost-daily basis.  Treasury wants fewer of these hassles and advancing to bank API connectivity is emerging as a true option to address them.

In this 60 minute webinar, our expert panel will explore how bank APIs can:

  1. Eliminate bank portals once and for all
  2. Reduce vulnerability to fraud and increase how quickly it can be identified
  3. Get instant, end-to-end payment traceability


  • Ian Walford – Group Treasurer, Macmahon
  • Christopher Nelson – Treasury Advisory | Senior Manager, PwC
  • Gavin McAloney – Head of Client Integration Solutions, ANZ
  • Peter Klein – CTO, FinLync


Webinar: Cloud Based Cashflow Forecasting – is it time?

With the new ways of working, decentralised workforces and an increasing move to digitising treasury workflows, is it time to relook at how you run your cashflow forecast?

Dynamic cash flow forecasting, backed by technology such as HSBC’s Liquidity Management Portal (LMP), can be a catalyst for your company’s financial security. By having visibility of your cash position, you can plan ahead and prepare for potential issues in your business. In particular, good cash flow forecasts will enable you to proactively decide on your working capital, investments, funding and business operations.


  • Justin Low – Head of Corporate Sales, HSBC
  • Manish Desai – Head of Global Banking and FIG Sales, HSBC
  • Wali Popal – Senior Product Management – Liquidity, HSBC


Webinar: Breaking Dad – Psychological Safety and More Time at Home for Men

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are joined by The 100% Project to the launch their latest research report: Breaking Dad: Psychological Safety and More Time at Home for Men.
Co-author of the research Frances Feenstra will present an overview of the findings before a panel discussion to discover further insights, personal experiences, and how to bring these findings to your workplace.

The discussion will be facilitated by ACTA CEO Ben Leaver.


  • Frances Feenstra – Co-author & Director at People Measures
  • Jane Hill – Co-Chair of The 100% Project
  • Alice Van Der Geest – Deputy CFO at Melbourne Airport
  • George Wong – Treasury & Capital Markets – Director at Deloitte

White Paper:

Breaking Dad White Paper