Webinar: The impact of real-time payments

NPPA to provide an:

  • Update to NPP
  • Where are we now
  • Use cases
  • General overview of the real time payments platform

 ANZ presentation focus themed “NPP for Corporate’s”

1)     What are we seeing?

a.     The journey – ANZ Institutional’s NPP development focus

b.     What have we seen in the Corporate market – why have more Corporate’s leaned into NPP? Some real-life case studies…..

2)     Looking forward

a.       What’s on the horizon, and what’s in it for Corporate’s?

  i. The ANZ view

ii.The Industry focus (PayTo)


  • Michael Jurkovic – Executive Director, Payments Development Institutional, ANZ
  • Katrina Stuart – Acting CEO, NPP Australia


Networking Event: Let’s Get Ready to Transition!

Whether we like it or not LIBOR is going away and a new way of calculating interest is here.  After years of consultation and preparation, the time to transition is now upon us. 

We invite the Treasury Community to join us as we hear from the ANZ Benchmark Transition team who will share their experience and perspective on the current state of the industry and what you need to know to manage the risks associated with your LIBOR transition. 

Now is the time to Get Ready to Transition!

This presentation will be live-streamed and will be followed by an online networking event.


  • John Erbacher – Senior Lawyer, Benchmark Transition Project, ANZ
  • Duncan Marshall – Business Lead, Benchmark Transition Project, ANZ