Webinar: Failed payments, fraud and bank portals: solving treasury hassles with bank APIs

The fallout when a critical payment goes missing.  The pit in your stomach when you’ve discovered a fraud event. The headache of all those tokens to access your bank portals. These are challenges that every treasury team faces on an almost-daily basis.  Treasury wants fewer of these hassles and advancing to bank API connectivity is emerging as a true option to address them.

In this 60 minute webinar, our expert panel will explore how bank APIs can:

  1. Eliminate bank portals once and for all
  2. Reduce vulnerability to fraud and increase how quickly it can be identified
  3. Get instant, end-to-end payment traceability


  • Ian Walford – Group Treasurer, Macmahon
  • Christopher Nelson – Treasury Advisory | Senior Manager, PwC
  • Gavin McAloney – Head of Client Integration Solutions, ANZ
  • Peter Klein – CTO, FinLync