Webinar: Strategy and Execution of Financial Products

Do you think you overpaid for financial products like swaps and FX? In this webinar we will run through the strategies for finding the best pricing and execution based on my experience of over 30 years of financial markets products pricing and trading. There are ways to get the best price and execution for routine transactions and those ‘one-off, large’ trades.

We will cover the methodologies and review some examples of how this can be managed well and how it has sometimes gone very wrong.



Date: Wednesday 27th September 2023

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST

Delivery: Microsoft Teams (link to be provided by 4pm the day before)


  • John Feeney – Partner, Martialis Consulting
  • Kurt Smith – Director, Marengo Capital


ACTA Members: Free 

Non-Members: $55 (inc GST) 

Non-Member (Full Time) Students: $25 (inc GST)

INFINZ Members: $25 AUD (inc GST)