Webinar: Failed payments, fraud and bank portals: solving treasury hassles with bank APIs

The fallout when a critical payment goes missing.  The pit in your stomach when you’ve discovered a fraud event. The headache of all those tokens to access your bank portals. These are challenges that every treasury team faces on an almost-daily basis.  Treasury wants fewer of these hassles and advancing to bank API connectivity is emerging as a true option to address them.

In this 60 minute webinar, our expert panel will explore how bank APIs can:

  1. Eliminate bank portals once and for all
  2. Reduce vulnerability to fraud and increase how quickly it can be identified
  3. Get instant, end-to-end payment traceability


  • Ian Walford – Group Treasurer, Macmahon
  • Christopher Nelson – Treasury Advisory | Senior Manager, PwC
  • Gavin McAloney – Head of Client Integration Solutions, ANZ
  • Peter Klein – CTO, FinLync


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2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Global Survey

2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Global Survey

This annual survey seeks to evaluate the current and projected impact of fraud on the finance and treasury environment. Practitioners from all industries are polled on their experiences with fraud and on the range of controls, safeguards, and security practices employed to protect their financial assets and information.

Data related to bank account management and reconciliation practices is also gathered for a more comprehensive view of how various treasury operations impact security. This data is compiled annually and used to educate the industry as to how the fraud landscape is evolving, and how practitioners can better protect themselves and their organizations against attacks.

In this survey, treasury and finance professionals were asked questions on topics such as fraud experience, cyber risk management, bank account management and more.