Webinar: Hedge Accounting & EOFY Readiness

With EoFY now upon us, tune in for a hedge accounting refresh to prepare you for audit time. Also covered will be hedge accounting using internal derivatives, designating equity investments in a hedge relationship, and imputing synthetic legs into a derivative to qualify for hedge accounting.   


  • Kevin Mitchell – Partner, Rochford
  • Thomas Averill – Managing Director, Rochford




Webinar: Treasury Infrastructure & TMS RFPs

To have a world-class treasury function you need a solid treasury infrastructure (System > People > Policy > Process) & Key considerations when contemplating TMS investments. 


  • Kevin Mitchell – Partner, Head of Hedge Accounting, Rochford
  • Tom Alexander (TJ) – Partner, Head of Product, Rochford


Webinar: Economic Themes for 2021

Hear from Rochford who presents their view on the economic themes for the year ahead.

  • Hard Asset and commodity price inflation
  • Australia positioned well to benefit from global growth and ultra-loose monetary policies
  • Is the Greenback entering a multiyear Bear trend?
  • Will inflation ever really come back?
  • Global economic cooperation back on the table in the Biden Whitehouse, and what that means for Australia/China relations


  • Thomas Averill – Managing Director
  • Derek Mumford – Director, Head of Risk Advisory
  • Kevin Mitchell – Partner, Head of Hedge Accounting



Webinar: ‘Hope’ is not a Risk Management Strategy – Lessons from the GFC and COVID

Extreme periods of market and economic volatility such as the recent pandemic and the 2008 GFC put enormous strains on treasury and finance teams and can cause knee-jerk decision making from company boards.

Rochford will share some real examples of how to effectively navigate these stormy waters as well as lessons from the companies that sunk, and the boards that panicked.

The session will be covering the following topics:  

  • FX risk management
    • Identify, Measure, Manage & Monitor
  • Derivative restructuring 
    • Accounting considerations  
  • Policy and process  
  • Building strategies that work in normal market conditions and black swan events  
  • Understanding the tail risk
  • Liquidity, in a crisis  


  • Thomas Averill – Managing Director 
  • Derek Mumford – Director, Head of Risk Advisory 
  • Kevin Mitchell – Partner, Head of Hedge Accounting

Webinar: Why is Cash Flow Forecasting Always the No.1 Headache for Treasury Teams?

Having a consolidated cash flow forecast that can be relied upon remains a challenge for treasury teams and regularly tops the results of industry surveys. Poorly executed forecasting exposes companies to a raft of financial and operating risks. We will run through a real-life case study and highlight the different challenges currently impacting companies and provide some insights to developing your cash flow forecasting process.


  • Tom Alexander – Partner, Rochford
  • Thomas Averill – Managing Director, Rochford


Date: Wednesday, 4th November 2020

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST



Networking (WA): The Management of Treasury Function in 2024

Hosted by Rochford, and Moore Australia we will hear about the management of a treasury function and how it can create, protect, and destroy value. The panel will discuss what are the potential risks, value destroyers, and opportunities to exploit in 2024. 



  • Tom Averill – Managing Director, Rochford Group
  • Peter Gray – Director Corporate Finance, Moore Australia
  • Ian Walford – Group Treasurer, Macmahon


Date: Tuesday 19th March 2024

Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm (for a 5:15pm start)

Venue: Moore Australia – Exchange Towers, 2 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000


ACTA Members: Free

Non-Members: $55 (inc GST) 

Non-Member (Full Time) Students: $25 (inc GST)

INFINZ Members: $25 AUD (inc GST)

Rochford Ticket: Free

Moore Australia Ticket: Free


Thank you to our event partner Rochford and Moore Australia for their support of the Western Australian Treasury Community.