Webinar: Transforming Trade Finance through Digitisation

  1. Big picture:
    – Layout the current challenges in trade finance. Highlight example of a company.
    – What is this digital revolution everyone’s talking about in trade finance?
    – Which instrument is being digitised? Why LCs?
  2. Role of Contour:
    – Vision and technology
    – How DLT can solve this problem
  3. The benefits of digitisation — why this is important for corporate treasurers:
    – Highlight DSO savings in various stages
    – How this will optimise efficiency and increase working capital 
  4. Contour use cases 


  • Carl Wegner – Chief Executive Officer, Contour
  • Sam Matthew – MD, Head – FI & Documentary Trade, Product Management, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Byron Gardiner – Structured Solutions Development, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank