Join a Committee!

The Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA) is inviting its members to express their interest in joining our member-run committees.

Becoming a committee member offers a range of rewarding and fulfilling opportunities, and your involvement can be personally and professionally enriching for a variety of reasons.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider becoming a committee member:

  • Influence and Impact: Committees often have a say in important decisions and policies within the ACTA. By becoming a committee member, you can actively contribute to shaping the direction and outcomes of the ACTA.
  • Networking: Committees inherently draw together individuals with diverse backgrounds and specialized knowledge. This convergence expands your professional network, affording connections with individuals who may furnish invaluable insights, mentorship, or prospective career pathways.
  • Leadership Experience: Committee involvement frequently necessitates the assumption of leadership roles, such as chairing subcommittees or spearheading specific initiatives. This facilitates the cultivation and demonstration of your leadership acumen, which can markedly enrich your career trajectory.
  • Personal Growth: Committee participation contributes significantly to personal development. It nurtures self-assurance, enhances communication prowess, fosters teamwork abilities, and imparts adeptness in collaborating effectively within a multifaceted and diverse group.
  • Sense of Purpose: Committee engagements are invariably aligned with causes or undertakings that resonate with your values and passions. This sense of purpose can be profoundly gratifying, as it entails active involvement in a profoundly meaningful pursuit.
  • Career Development: Being a State Committee member can assist in career development and help keep informed of current and future marketing trends.

Technical Committee

Our Technical Committee collaborates closely with the CEO and Technical Director to provide direction for the CPD Program, Certificate of Corporate Treasury, and advocacy efforts. Central to our monthly meetings is the platform they offer for in-depth discussions and guidance on critical current and emerging topics, and the development of webinars, and thought leadership events, and podcasts.

The dedication and expertise of the Technical Committee ensures that ACTA remains not just a community, but a catalyst for professional success.

State Chapter Committees

Our State Chapter Committees typically convene on a monthly basis and hold responsibility for four primary areas:

  • Serving as an ambassador for ACTA within your respective state.
  • Acting as a vital bridge between local members and the organization’s management and board.
  • Facilitating meaningful events within the state.
  • Collaborate with event sponsors.
  • Contributing to member growth and fostering engagement.

Our State Committees are based in the following regions:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Women in Treasury Committee

At the heart of the Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA), we are proud to introduce the Women in Treasury Committee—an exceptional group of professionals dedicated to advancing the role of women in the world of corporate finance.

The Women in Treasury (WIT) group is a dedicated community committed to advancing the careers of women in the field of treasury.

The Women in Treasury group focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive environment for women professionals working in this sector.

At the Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA), we recognize the immense talent of the women in the treasury profession. Our dedicated Women in Treasury initiative in partnership with the Women in Treasury (WIT) group is your pathway to unparalleled career growth, empowerment, and networking opportunities.

Emerging Leaders Committee

Our Emerging Leaders Committee partners closely with the management team to shape our engagement with the next generation of treasury professionals, including current students and recent graduates. This encompasses the creation of various initiatives, such as program development, establishing connections with universities, and orchestrating events like podcasts, webinars, and workshops. These efforts are aimed at actively involving and connecting with young professionals within the treasury sector.

Join a Committee!

To be eligible to join a Committee, applicants must be a financial member of the Australian Corporate Treasury Association.

If you would like to be involved and help shape the future of the Australian Treasury Community, we invite your expression of interest by contacting:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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