Bank Treasury 2023 Workshop

In partnership with Deloitte and FIS Global, we invite you to join us for our upcoming online Bank Treasury event. This workshop is tailored for bank treasurers, within the Banks and Mutuals, however we do encourage all Treasurers who have an interest in this bank treasury to attend.

Session One:

–        Developments in Australian bank capital since the global financial crisis for the major banks, regional banks and mutuals

–        Credit Suisse’s Additional Tier 1 securities – and implications for Australian banks

Presented by:

–        Jared Cohen – Director, Strategic Solutions Group Global Banking, HSBC

Session Two:

–        Banking sector overview including results analysis for Australia’s major and second tier banks for FY23

Presented by:

–        Steven Cunico – Partner, Deloitte

Session Three:

–        Asset liability management (ALM) for banks and credit unions has always been more than check-box compliance. But in today’s precarious financial environment, it’s even more important for risk managers to look beyond the rules. Banking isn’t about risk avoidance – it’s about taking a balanced view to manage risk. That doesn’t just mean meeting the minimum regulatory requirements. For risk managers & ALCOs the real ask is to be imaginative and continually assess where problems can surface before they become real and consider fully the effect on the balance sheet.  To take that step forward requires a positive risk culture, the right mindset as well as the right tools. Join FIS in this session to discuss the evolution of Balance Sheet Management.

Presented by:

–        Hussain Niazi – Sales Director, FIS

–        David Hough – Balance Sheet Management Advisor ,Treasury & Risk Solutions, FIS

Session Four:

–        Volatility in the global environment has continuously tested the resilience of the Australian financial system. The trust Australians feel in their banks’ ability to withstand a crisis is built upon strong regulatory systems that can often be tougher than many peer jurisdictions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to constantly assess and learn from recent events to protect the Australian banking system. In this session, we will unpack how the global environment has impacted the Australian banking sector and some of the key lessons learnt from the recent banking turmoil.

Presented by:

–        Erica Santosaputri – Head of Liquidity Risk, APRA

A special thank you to our presenters, and our event partners Deloitte and FIS for their support of this event.