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Webinar: Carbon Trading

The current situation of the Australian carbon markets, the significance of the Safe Guard Mechanism and voluntary emissions reduction programmes, as well as the growth of the global carbon markets will all be covered, taking into account significant factors that influence market performance, the buying and selling of credits, and impending announcements that may have […]

Webinar: Turning Economic Insight Into Action

In a first of its kind joint debrief about their personal approach to creating actionable insights. From sourcing lead indicators, analysing data source validity, distilling insight into actionable outcomes, considering realistic constraints, requesting support in complex scenarios and how to engagingly communicate with stakeholders. Presenters: Paul Bloxham – Chief Economist, Australia, New Zealand and Global […]

Join a Committee

The Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA) is seeking expressions of interest from our Members to be a part of our member run Committees. Technical Committee Emerging Leaders Committee State Chapter Committees NSW QLD SA VIC WA These Committees are a vehicle for ACTA members to advise management on the operation of the association. Our Technical […]

Webinar: Growth in a productivity slump

Join us for a briefing on supply-side trends and strategies that will shape the high cost, low productivity environment over the next 12 months, delivered by Sam MacPherson, Head of Treasury at Earlytrade. Trends: A new cost of business, and growth  Skills crisis bottlenecking supply chains Accessing the growing pool of ESG capital getting more […]

Webinar: Energy, Carbon and Commodities Overview

Vivek Dhar, Director Mining and Energy Commodities at the Commonwealth Bank will provide an overview of the Australian energy sector. Vivek will discuss supply and demand, Australian export prices, carbon markets and share his views on how businesses will use renewable energy in the future.  Presenter: Vivek Dhar – Director Mining and Energy Commodities, Commonwealth […]

Webinar: The value of digitisation for corporate funding, liquidity and financial risk

We recently had the opportunity to hear from Tim Hogben – ASX Group Executive, Securities and Payments on the value of digitisation for corporate funding, liquidity and financial risk during at our NSW Chapter Networking event. Following the presentation, Tim Hogben was joined by Rodolf Salem Chief Operating Officer at Lygon, and Lindesay Brine – […]