Webinar: Economic Impact of the Delta Outbreak in Australia

here is no doubt that the Delta variant of the coronavirus has altered the outlook for Australia’s economy, with parts of New South Wales and Victoria experiencing extended lockdowns.

In this session, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Chief Economist, Stephen Halmarick, will share his views on the broader economy and outlook, policy, and financial markets impacted by the Coronavirus.

The discussion will be followed by Q&A from the audience.


    • Stephen Halmarick – Chief Economist and Head of Global Economic & Markets Research, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Click here for presentation slides


Webinar: The COVID Budget – And What It Means For You

Following the Federal Budget announcement, and thanks to our Corporate Partner Deloitte, we delve into the 2020 Budget, and explore what it means for you.


David Watkins – Partner, Deloitte


Date: Tuesday 13th October 2020

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST